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Architecture and construction trends

The pandemic period drastically changed the way people relate to residential spaces. According to Think With Google, the confinement generated a boost in the real estate market, especially in works focused on promoting well-being.

Appreciation of decoration, the creation of multifunctional spaces, and the need for integration with nature were some of the demands incorporated in the architecture sector. With people spending more time at home, the need arose to make buildings and homes functional and pleasant spaces.

Within this context, certifications such as WELL, which use architecture to promote health and well-being, have gained increasing importance and prestige for the realization of increasingly humanized constructions.

The care for sustainable projects remains on the rise. Energy management, automation of facilities, choice of recyclable materials, and preservation of the environment add value to the works and reduce costs and waste without compromising on quality and safety.

In the field of civil engineering, 3D modeling technology, such as BIM (Building Information Modeling), performs a project digitization process, enhancing the procession, facilitating auditing, in addition to improving compliance with schedules.

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