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Discover the benefits of Tilt-Up

Did you ever hear about Tilt-up? The technique is the perfect choice for the construction of logistic sheds and can expand the aesthetic possibilities of the work.

The construction system is widely used in North America for the construction of buildings and malls. Currently, around 15% of the works carried out in North America use this technique.

The process consists of the production of concrete walls prepared with the factory floor. The precast system uses cement from the construction site in the process.

Fast and efficient, Tilt-up offers safety and durability. Ensuring speed in construction, they streamline processes and facilitate compliance with project deadlines.

Versatile, it offers numerous finishing options, expanding the range of decorative choices. The aesthetic result is innovative.

The choice of concrete as a raw material also helps in the safety of the space, as the material is fire resistant and requires frequent maintenance. Ideal for noisy areas, the technique also offers noise reduction and thermal insulation.

Do you want to know the benefits of Tilt-up? Bring your idea to Green Studio. We are prepared to help you get the project off the ground!

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