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The evolution of Logistics Warehouses over time

It is not new that warehouses are successful in the logistics market. The resource provides receipt, storage, separation, and distribution of goods, optimizing the trade of different types of products.

One of the trademarks of logistics projects is the quick and efficient construction of spaces. Through the technology of precast concrete, increasingly used, it is possible to carry out fast and durable works.

In class A sheds, mixed works became a model standard, replacing the concrete roof with a metallic structure. The alternative guarantees technical quality and financial savings. In addition to the savings generated by metallic materials, the solution demands less load on the project’s structural system.

To make lateral closures feasible, the Tilt-up system is widely used in North American works. However, in Brazil, the resource is still starting to gain space in recent years. The system provides agility and rationalization, improving the use of space

With the union of precast construction techniques, the adoption of mixed works, and the use of the Tilt-up system, the works of logistic sheds became faster, more economical, and longer-lasting.

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