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Project Management: for a more efficient architecture

Minimizing risks, avoiding delays, and increasing the quality of the works carried out are some of the advantages of efficient project management. Through innovative methodologies, it is possible to achieve better results with less wasted time and money.

When buildings are designed to provide environmental comfort, energy efficiency, and intelligent use of resources, buildings have a reduced operation and maintenance cost, offering long-term financial savings.

With that in mind, Green Studio works in the elaboration of projects, integrating and coordinating work teams in the fields of architecture and engineering. To monitor the technical teams and the progress of the works, management is carried out through a BIM platform.

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a set of technologies and processes that allow for collaborative action between different sectors of civil construction, allowing joint work when designing, constructing, and operating a building or installation.

All monitoring of processes allows for inspection of the works, focusing on quality and performance, to ensure compliance with deadlines and costs, so that the project is developed without negative or unforeseen surprises.

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