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Get to know Built to Suit

A project designed to meet the tenant’s needs

Have you thought about renting a property built to measure for your business? That’s the premise of Built to Suit. Recently arrived in Brazil, the real estate format provides practicality and economy for long-term contracts.

To cover the costs of personalized work, the value of the adaptation is diluted in the rent installments, with longer contracts being relatively cheaper to pay for.

In Built to Suit, longer contracts usually benefit homeowners. Due to the low turnover, the landlord is less likely to spend a long time with the property empty, causing losses over the months.

Despite the advantages for both sides, it is necessary to take some care when adopting the modality. The person responsible for the lease must take care of the execution of the project from conception to delivery of the property, while the tenant must strictly follow the agreed contract.

Consistent planning, hiring reliable service providers, and carefully analyzed contracts are the ideal way to close the best deal.

Do you want to know how to adapt your space to the next landlord? Contact us. We can help you on this mission!

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