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Green Studio Certifications – LEED and WELL

A trend towards the fields of architecture and civil construction, sustainable buildings committed to the well-being of users are here to stay.

The main way to guarantee a project in line with these premises is through consulting, inspections, and certifications.



Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a certification created in 1993 to promote sustainable practices in works and projects. It works for all buildings and can be applied at any time.

To receive certification, projects are analyzed in 8 dimensions: integrated process, location and transport, sustainable land, energy and atmosphere, water efficiency, materials and resources, quality of the internal environment, innovation, and regional priority.

Compliance with requirements and recommendations are transformed in points. The score will define the level of certification, which can be Silver, Gold, or Platinum.

Some of LEED’s social, economic, and environmental benefits are improved safety, optimization of resource use, lower operating costs, social inclusion, and increased collective awareness.



The WELL Building Standard certification was developed to create environments that provide health and well-being. Through performance requirements in different categories, helps in the quality of life and increased productivity in buildings.

Born from research carried out by health professionals and academia, WELL allows projects to integrate healthy spaces through a holistic approach to the environment.

Ventilation, water quality, nutrition, lighting, comfort, and mental health are the requirements analyzed by the certification. Altogether, there are 102 characteristics observed in the project, divided into pre-conditions and optimizations met through design, measurements, or protocol.

When implemented together with LEED, the WELL certification makes developments even more attractive, sustainable, and economical in the long term.


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