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Energy Management and care for the environment

The operation of a building requires a considerable absorption of energy. According to the National Energy Balance, carried out by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, approximately 40% of the electric energy produced in Brazil is consumed by residential, commercial, and public sector buildings.

In addition to the financial impact, energy consumption is also related to the exploration of the environment, since the generation of energy depends on the use of natural resources.

Currently, hydroelectric plants correspond to more than 64% of the national energy matrix. The consequences of the method are the large areas of flooding, deforestation, and changes in the structure of the rivers.

Another form of energy generation is thermoelectric plants that use fossil fuels such as coal, natural gas, or oil products. This production is not renewable and still generates smoke and pollutes the environment.

An innovative solution to this issue is the construction of green buildings. Designed to offer energy efficiency, it has a high rate of long-term financial return. They are produced through an integrated process of intelligent design, implantation, construction.

An energy management system is also essential to save natural resources. Continuous monitoring and active management can encompass 15% to 40% energy savings.

BEST (British Energy Saving Technology) is a service specialized in building energy management. Through an integrated platform for continuous monitoring, it is possible to reduce the cost of light and carbon emissions, providing financial savings and care for the environment.

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