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Sustainability is the future of Civil Construction

There was a period when architecture and civil construction were not concerned with the environmental impacts caused by the works realized. In 2010, for example, 40% of carbon dioxide emissions were generated by buildings, at the same time constructions consumed 44% of the country’s energy.

With the consciousness of the scarcity of natural resources, allied with the increase in debates about the need for sustainable development, engineering and architecture started to adopt technologies and solutions that minimize the environmental impact of their interventions.

In addition to the concern for the environment, sustainable construction has a significant long-term economic gain. A project carried out with the correct planning can reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, reduce CO2 emissions, and save water expenditure, resulting in cheaper fixed bills over the years.

That is why we, at Green Studio, offer specialized management in the planning, development, and certification of projects and works economically and sustainably, with strategic partnerships, such as ME Group Brasil to guarantee LEED and WELL certifications.

We also work with a specialized SMART Energy Management service for buildings, through BEST – British Energy Saving Technology, a specialized service of supply and installation of hardware and software for energy management of buildings, aiming at reducing energy consumption, in addition to the reduction of financial costs and carbon emissions.

We dream of architecture committed to social, economic, and environmental issues so that projects are increasingly efficient and integrated into the world in which we live.

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