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Construction and Project Management

Construction Project Management as the best existing practices and methodologies.
We focus our work on the development of architectural design, engineering, and infrastructure integrating and coordinating project teams from the beginning of the planning process.
We operate in defining the scope, reviewing possible bidders, coordinating the receipt of transactions, and analysis of contract documents.
We manage the acquisition of technical teams for the preparation of complementary projects, harmonizing and coordinating projects through a BIM platform.

Our engineering teams work in the executive phase; monitoring and supervising the project teams and focusing on the quality and performance through effective management processes throughout the life of the project.
Works in a “turn-key” style to provide greater peace of mind for our customers and partners for the length of scope of the project.
Green Studio PMO (Project Management Office) – We can implement a PMO in your organization.
We develop management processes, training, and methodologies to support and meet the needs of your project and work. We are responsible for consolidating and reporting on the status of your project and providing other client-specific requests.


Energy Management

BEST (British Energy Saving Technology)

Is a specialized service of supply and installation of hardware and software for energy management of buildings, aiming at reducing energy consumption, as well as reducing financial costs and carbon emissions.

Through an integrated platform of continuous monitoring and segmentation of consumption in real-time. The solution identified by Siemens as the # 1 option for energy savings in terms of return on investment.


Services of Architecture and BIM Engineering

This model involves the management of the information of work through software that integrates all the interfaces of the project. Building Information Modeling (BIM) acts from the conception, construction, and operation of the idea, creating reports, analyzes, simulations, and facilities management, allowing the team of engineers and architects to make decisions based on data and information.

Green Studio is committed to creating and developing projects of the most diverse scales and programs, which are appropriate to the location, market, user, and customer. We believe that the process must be created along the way by different factors to be interpreted by the architects and their teams.


Certificação LEED e WELL

LEED Certification

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a proof created in 1993 whose aim is to promote sustainable practices in works and projects.

WELL Certification

Promoting the health and well-being of occupants of a building is the mission of the WELL Building Standard certification. Developed through research carried out by professionals in the fields of medicine, science, and civil construction, the certification establishes performance requirements in different categories, providing quality of life and increased productivity.