WELL Building Standard®

Seven WELL Building Standard® Concepts:


Optimize and achieve indoor air quality. Strategies include removal of airborne contaminants, prevention and purification.


Optimize water quality, promoting accessibility. Strategies include the removal of contaminants through filtration, treatment and strategic placement.


Encourage good eating habits by providing healthier food choices, behavioral clues, and knowledge about nutrient quality.


Minimize disturbance of the body’s circadian rhythm. Requirements for performance: window and design. Light output and control of the appropriate lighting levels for tasks are included to improve energy, mood and productivity.


Use technologies, design and strategies to encourage physical activity. The space is designed to provide numerous opportunities for the occupant to include a fitness routine within their daily schedule.


Create a calm, distraction-free indoor environment that encourages productivity. Solutions include design standards and recommendations, such as thermal and acoustic control.


Encourage the promotion of mental and emotional health by getting regular feedback from occupants over space according to specific criteria.

Our mission is to promote an architecture committed to the social, economic and environmental issues.

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